Apply: Youth cycling instructor position open

AoB Afterschool

AoB seeks youth bicycle instructor for our youth bicycle education program in conjunction with  Asheville Middle School and Asheville City Schools Foundation.

Qualified candidates should have prior experience working with youth, strong cycling skills, and a commitment to safe habits of riding. The potential instructor will need to pass a background check.

The afterschool program runs from Sept. 26th – December 19th. The class meets Monday’s from 3pm – 5pm for 12 sessions. Instructors are asked to attend two to three meetings as well. Compensation is $500 / semester.

To apply, complete the AoB Afterschool Instructor Application. Prepare responses to the following questions: 

  1. What interests you in working with Asheville on Bikes’s youth cycling program?
  1. Describe your experience working with students. What was the age group and what were your responsibilities?
  1. If you could lead a group of students on a five mile ride of Asheville, where would you go andy why?

Applications will be reviewed in the order they are received. Thank you for your interest in Asheville on Bikes youth cycling education.

Get There AVL Candidates Forum

Asheville City Candidates Take on Transportation

Asheville on Bikes, Western North Carolina Alliance, Asheville Design Center, and Blue Ridge Bicycle Club host a discussion of Asheville’s transportation issues.

Get There AVL returns to host a candidates’ forum focused on the issues of transportation. Join us Wednesday, Sept. 25th at Clingman Cafe from 6:30pm – 8:30pm.

The event provides mayoral and council candidates the opportunity to discuss their positions on transportation and how they intend to impact the city’s infrastructure.

“Asheville hosts several plans designed to enhance how citizens move about their city. The next generation of political leaders face the challenge of implementation and consolidation of city plans. The people of Asheville see the value of moving our city forward. They’re looking for candidates who can champion the implementation,” says Mike Sule, creator of  Get There AVL and Director of Asheville on Bikes.

Get There AVL provides each candidate a chance to address the challenges of Asheville’s transportation infrastructure. The format promises to be both dynamic and informative. “We’ve organized the event so that participants will have a chance to meet candidates before and after the formal question and answer period. It’s important that candidates have a chance to hear the varying perspectives around transportation,” says, Julie Mayfiled, Co-Director of Western North Carolina Alliance.

Get There AVL is co-hosted by Asheville on Bikes, Western North Carolina Alliance, Asheville Design Center, & The Blue Ridge Bicycle Club.

Get There AVL
Wednesday, Sept. 25th, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.
Clingman Café, 242 Clingman Ave.
The event will be held in the parking lot of Clingman Café. Asheville on Bikes provides a bicycle corral. The restaurant will remain open throughout the event to serve beer, wine and snacks.

Get There AVL 2013 poster

Clips is here!

A fundraisin’ good time is upon us again! New Belgium cruiser bike 2013

Join us this Friday, September 6, on the green at Pack Square Park for an evening of handmade film, innovative beer, fun, games, and the stellar good company of your bike-riding Asheville friends.

Not sure how to Clips? Follow these ten easy steps to ensure an evening of adventure, pleasure, and intrigue:

  1. Around 7pm, arrive at Pack Square Park by bike. Park your bike in the AoB Bike Corral (*new location this year: in the turnaround directly in front of City Hall), already feeling like a rock star. High-five a random person.
  2. If you’re of the beer-drinking age and persuasion, present your ID; get wristband and beer tokens.
  3. Present tokens to beer tenders in the tents, or hail a lovely beer gypsy and select some brews. (Repeat step #3 as often as you responsibly can throughout the evening.)
  4. Buy a raffle ticket or ten. Picture yourself pedalling away on that sweet cruiser there in the photo. (You look good!)
  5. Visit the fun & games area. Get edumacated in the Beer School, try your taste buds at the Mystery Beer Taste Test, or sample some other diversions.
  6. Remember #3, right? Just checking….
  7. Check out the merch area. Try to decide between a sweet Asheville On Bikes t-shirt and a sweet New Belgium t-shirt. Admit defeat and buy one of each (plus one for your mom, one for your cousin Larry, and two for that cute beer gypsy you were just talking to).
  8. Find a comfy spot on the green. Enjoy the last few late-summer fireflies, then take in some fantastic short films.
  9. Deliberate long and hard. Finally decide on your favorite Lips of Faith brew, and savor just another taste of it.
  10. Collect your bike from the bike corral, tossing a buck into the donation jar as you pass. Revel in the simple joys of a starlit ride home, the music of katydids, and the warm feeling that every dollar you spent tonight benefited Asheville On Bikes. You rock so hard.
Not enough for you, thrill seeker? Want to squeeze even more satisfaction out of your night? Email Rachel ( and sign on to be part of the magic. We still need a few good beer tenders–are you volunteer enough to be on the front lines of Clips? You’ll get free food and swag, and you might just walk away from it with a strange compulsion to volunteer for bike-related events. There are worse things.
Double your raffle odds: There are TWO New Belgium cruisers–did you know? We’ll raffle off one on Friday night, but you can get a jump-start the night before. Pack’s Tavern will host a New Belgium tap takeover and raffle on Thursday, September 5. All proceeds benefit AoB.

What the heck is a bike corral?

beer city fest bike corral 2013One of our favorite things about running a bike corral is the delight on cyclists’ faces. We see them roll up, scan for a bike rack, spot us… and smile like the dickens. Why, yes, this bike parking is free for everyone. It’s safe, secure, you can leave your helmet, lights, pannier–all that stuff you worry about walking off if you leave your bike locked up unattended.
But we’ve encountered plenty more folks who have no idea what the corral is for. We’ve been doing corrals for so long, we forget that they’re still a new thing for some folks. So we put together this handy corral FAQ, to introduce newbies, and maybe teach our old friends something new.

How does this corral thing work? It’s like valet parking–you check in your bike, and get a claim ticket. We keep your bike in the corral, where our volunteers will keep an eye on it, while you go have fun. When you come back, hand in your ticket and get your bike back. Easy, peasy.

How much does it cost? It’s absolutely free. Always has been; always will be. We do accept donations.

Can I park my bike trailer/tandem/unicycle/recumbent? Of course. If it’s on wheels and powered by human muscles, we’ll park it.

You mean I don’t need to lock my bike? Is it safe? You bet. Our volunteers will never leave the corral unattended, and no one else is allowed access to the bikes.

How can I help? We’re so glad you asked. Our corrals are 100% volunteer-run, and we can’t do it without you. Working at a corral is a great way to help AoB, meet other cyclists, and, depending on the event, enjoy a little free music and entertainment. Shifts are usually short–two or three hours. Your responsibilities are simple, but vitally important to AoB’s mission: you park bikes and keep a count of how many come through the corral. We’ll give you guidance so you can help sell AoB merchandise, answer questions about AoB’s events, and generally promote urban and commuter cycling in Asheville. You don’t have to be a bicycle expert or a hardcore cyclist to be a great volunteer–a simple desire to help out is enough!

This sounds great! Where do I sign up? Email our corral coordinator at to become a volunteer.

Be One of the Faith-ful

The night of awesomeness formerly known as Clips of Faith is back! Now called Clips Beer and Film Tour, this is one of AoB’s biggest events, raising funds, creating bike-friendly entertainment, and, most importantly, encouraging more people to ride their city. We can’t make it happen without you. Here’s a word from Volunteer Coordinator (and Queen of Awesome), Rachel:

Are you interested in helping make Clips Film and Beer Tour run smoothly in 2013? I am writing to ask you if you would like to be a volunteer manager or a regular volunteer. Read below and let me know if you are interested!

  • The basics: Asheville on Bikes and New Belgium Brewery are hosting Clips Film and Beer tour on Friday September 6th. Volunteer shift is long– 6:00pm-11:00pm–and it includes training, setup, actual event, and break down. You will get fed during this time.
  • Perks: T-shirt and beers after shift, as well as food before event begins. There is also a NBB meeting for volunteer mangers the night before that will have food/beer.
  • Info: Check out this PDF for volunteer descriptions and history of New Belgium (it is a fun, quick read). Also check out New Belgium’s site.
  • TIPS alcohol serving training: 18 volunteers will need to be TIPS trained. TIPS is good for 3 years.

We’re also looking for a few folks to be volunteer managers. You’ll oversee others doing the same work as you, and will need to attend a brief meeting the night before (Thursday, Sept 5).

We need volunteer managers and volunteers for the following areas:

  • Set up (earlier hours 10-4)
  • Break down (later hours 9:30-12) we need non drinkers for this job please
  • Beer serving, AoB promoting, Beer Gypsies, Tokens/wristbands, Beer School, Lips Of Faith Taste Test Competition, Fun and Games ( event hours 6-11)

I look forward to hearing from you all either way! Other interested parties? Send em my way!

To learn more, or to sign up for a volunteer shift, please contact Rachel ( Please be sure to include your top two choices for volunteer duties and shift times. Thank you for your continued support–when you show, we grow!

Asheville welcomes new bike park

From the press release:

Get ready for a unique off-road biking experience. Just minutes from downtown at the new Adventure Center of Asheville, Kolo Bike Park provides purpose-built bike trails on over 100 acres of rolling terrain. The trails are designed with multiples lines and features to accommodate all ability levels and are built in adjoining loops that can be ridden independently or combined for longer or more challenging rides.

The premise behind the park’s design is Kolo Flow. The word Kolo comes from the Slavic word for circle or wheel and also means bicycle in several languages. In order to optimize the flow of a bicycle wheel, the park utilizes its rolling terrain to help skilled riders maintain momentum and encourage newer riders to build confidence and skill in a controlled environment. Kolo Bike Park allows riders to experience every aspect of mountain biking – descending, climbing, jumping and technical skills riding have all been created with over five miles of machine and hand-built trail for a true mountain bike adventure. More features and routes are designed and will continue to be added.

Kolo Bike Park will host regular skills clinics, camps and races including short track, super d, time trial, cyclocross and cross country events. A rider can learn new skills and then test them out against the clock or other competitors at one of the many race events.

Adventure Rentals at Kolo will provide full-service bicycle rentals from basic mountain bikes to the latest suspension technology and all the supporting gear needed to get rolling. Rentals are available for use at Kolo Bike Park or can be taken off-site to any of the numerous regional cycling destinations.

Eric Krause and his team designed, built, and operate Kolo Bike Park. Eric is no stranger to the Asheville cycling community. His former business, BioWheels, served locals and visitors from across the country with bicycle sales, service, rentals, and events for over 15 years. Eric is also a 20-year veteran expert/elite mountain bike racer, advanced bicycle fit technician and experienced instructor/guide. Shifting his focus from retail to this exciting project will allow him to offer new cycling options in the Asheville area – already well known as a world-class destination for cycling.

In addition to the Bike Park and Rentals, Kolo will be offering packages with other adventures at Adventure Center of Asheville by joining together with Asheville Zipline Canopy Adventures, Asheville Treetops Adventure Park and Wildwater.  This union brings together the most experienced outdoor adventure providers in Asheville. It started in 1971, when Wildwater opened the first professional outfitter in the Southeast for whitewater rafting tours. Today, Wildwater offers varied outdoor recreation opportunities at 7 locations and on four of the region’s most popular whitewater rivers. In 2010, the Wildwater family opened the first phase of The Adventure Center of Asheville. Now there is a new building facility opening to include Kolo Bike Park and Adventure Rentals at Kolo as the newest adventure option.

Kolo Bike Park
Adventure Center of Asheville
1 Resort Drive
Asheville, NC 28806

Take Exit 3A (left exit) off I-240, Turn Right on Regent Park Drive (between Denny’s & Pizza Hut), follow signs (adjacent to the Crowne Plaza Resort)

Hours: (opening date to be announced)
Open 7 days 10:00am – 6:00pm or by appointment/special event
Park or certain sections may close due to weather or conditions.