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Michael: The NCDOT proposal should be dropped

From: Michael Cleveland
Date: Sun, Jan 28, 2018 at 9:59 PM
Subject: STIP Projects U5781 and 5782

This email is to voice my opposition to NCDOT’s proposal to add a continuous turn lane on Merrimon Avenue from W.T. Weaver to Gracelyn.  As a North Asheville resident, I drive Merrimon almost daily and at a variety of different times.  While a left turn lane at W.T. Weaver would be helpful, there is simply not the sort of congestion on Merrimon that would call for implementation of NCDOT’s proposal, witness the fact that traffic volumes have not increased from what they were years ago.  The proposal would turn the street into a high speed roadway and would be inimical to the numerous businesses on the street and jeopardize the safety of drivers, pedestrians and cyclists.  Further, the rushed implementation of the proposal with little public notice and without compliance with NCDOT’s own regulations frankly causes me concern that the proposal is designed to benefit a particular special interest and not the users of Merrimon Avenue or the residents of North Asheville. The NCDOT proposal should be dropped.

Michael G. Cleveland