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Nanci: I feel unsafe riding in the gutter, especially with my kids on board

Hello and thank you in advance for considering my comment,

I, like many other Asheville citizens, have concerns about the proposed plan to widen Merrimon Avenue and would like to briefly express my concerns.

I agree that Merrimon needs to change. It is frustrating for drivers and unsafe for cyclists and pedestrians. Unfortunately, I feel that the proposed plan does not address the needs of all these groups.

My husband and I are both love to ride our bikes and often ride with our children, who are 5 and 2 years old. We are about to move to Hillside Street, just off Merrimon and would love a safe way to ride our bikes to the many wonderful local businesses just up this community road. A 2 foot bike lane does not seem adequate and I feel unsafe riding in the gutter, especially with my kids on board.

In short, I would love Merrimon to be a complete street, a street that allows drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians to travel safely alongside each other to the benefit of the businesses in the area and the quality of life in this very special city.

Nanci Mackey