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Nancy: Do not proceed with this expensive, unwanted and untested plan

From: nancy
Date: Sun, Jan 28, 2018 at 5:33 PM
Subject: objection to the proposed widening on merrimon rd in N Asheville

The current NCDOT plan requires lengthy study and input from all interested parties; especially those of us who live here. We do not want nor need  to clone Hendersonville Rd; widening the rd 36% with 2′ meager bike lines. It is well documented that the wider a road the faster the drivers, the proposed 40 mph limit and the wider rd will encourage drivers to go 50-55. Imagine what the sidewalk will feel like with cars traveling beside you at this speed. All trees will be removed and forbidden.

​The meager  2’bike ​lanes will also ​be ​part of the gutter! At present Lakeview Park has a poor ‘walk score’ of 52. We should improve this, not decrease it.
Additionally the NCDOT has  tried to quietly push this plan through while :
  • Failing to observe policy and procedure of NCDOT
  • No consideration of local context and plans
  • Failing to demonstrate needs; the traffic count of 2000 exactly same as last traffic count of 2016, 21000 cars.
  • Designing a plan DANGEROUS to non motorized users
  • Failing to present alternative proven designs such as  a ‘road diet’ or ‘complete street’
 If the purpose of this rd is to provide faster access to the growing towns of Weaverville and Woodfin, and the future development of I-26 this is not in the best interests of the Asheville residents and taxpayers.

Do not proceed with this expensive, unwanted and untested plan.
Thank you for your consideration.
Nancy Hines