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David: As a rental property owner …We do not need a high-speed pass through road here

From: David Voorhees
Date: Sun, Jan 21, 2018 at 11:35 AM
Subject: Asheville North Merrimon Ave. DOT Project

As a rental property owner in Norwood Park I would like to make the following comments on the proposed project to widen and alter Merrimon Ave. in the Weaver Blvd. area:

My research shows that there is not significant increased traffic in this area in recent years.

•The proposal would drastically alter the neighborhood character of the whole area without addressing the real needs of any problems that exist:  safe walkable and bicycle zones adjacent to Merrimon; safe, well spaced and accessible crosswalks on Merrimon and the feeder streets; and a need for traffic calming.
•The Murdock/Merrimon/Woodward plan as proposed is highly problematic for the Norwood Park neighborhood:  limiting quick emergency vehicle access, unsafe crosswalks, negatively affecting residential routing.
•The traffic pattern for the car wash was ill designed for its location and should be re-engineered. The residents should not be adversely affected because of that one business.
•The Merrimon crossing for the Glenn Creek Greenway needs to be improved.

•We do not need a high-speed pass through road here. Rather than fast for some, we need the full scope of the neighborhood addressed:  pedestrian, residential based, parks, greenway, bicycle friendly and safe for all.

Thanks for listening.

David Voorhees