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Mary: When the DOT ignores the feedback from residents, it is not appreciated.

From: Mary Buttitta
Date: Tue, Jan 23, 2018 at 10:26 AM
Subject: Merrimon Widening project – public comment

Dear Kim Bereis,

I am writing to tell you that I am NOT in favor of the proposed NCDOT plan to widen Merrimon Avenue. I might be in favor of a plan that takes into consideration what the citizens of Asheville want, which so far have been ignored by the DOT. I might favor a plan that connects the greenway and supports bike and pedestrian traffic. But so far I have not seen those plans.
I live on the north side of Asheville for a reason – it does not look like the south side which looks like every other sprawled out city USA. I would like to see a bike and pedestrian friendly proposal and I am just not seeing it with this plan. I don’t want to encourage higher speeds along this road. I don’t want to see the businesses I frequent negatively affected and maybe forced out of business. I think you can do better.
I DO WANT to keep at least one part of our city quaint and with a small town feel and not become a Charlotte. Asheville is already struggling with too much growth and not enough intentionality in planning. BUT the City has spent money and made a decade of planning changes on Merrimon that contradict the nature of this proposed design. So when the DOT ignores the feedback from residents, it is not appreciated.
Thank you for this opportunity and please reconsider.
Mary Buttitta