Report an Asheville Safety Hazard

Did you know that the City of Asheville offers a free app for citizens to report issues such as broken glass, abandoned vehicles, and roadkill in just a few seconds? It’s true, and best of all, it’s effective. Our Asheville on Bikes members who use the app say that the city typically takes care of issue they report within a day or two. You can even track the progress of your request and see where other hazards have been reported on the app’s map.

Vehicle blocking a bike lane? Unsafe storm drain grate? Sinkhole forming in the road? Fallen tree blocking the greenway? We’ve seen the city fix all that and more because one of our members reported it using the Asheville App.

In our opinion, no cyclist or pedestrian in Asheville should be without this tool. Check it out and get it on your phone now:

The app feeds your reports to the city and each report also updates this live map (click the map screenshot below to visit the live map of reports):