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Call to Action: Contact City Council and ask them to support the College / Patton Complete Street plan

Rendering of College Patton Complete Street based on the Oct 2023 project design

On October 10th Asheville’s City Council will vote to either affirm the College Patton project or halt the project. This vote is critical and your feedback is important. You can take two actions to help make it clear to all members of council that there is broad public support for this project:

  1. Email City Council and tell your story about how this project helps you. You have two good ways to email council.
  2. Show up in person at the Council meeting on October 10th and make a public comment in favor of this project and similar future projects. You would sign up to speak when you check in at the beginning of the meeting and then would have 3 minutes to tell your story. You can watch past council meetings on Youtube to see how these in person public comments work.

We’ve written and spoken extensively about this project and why it is important to downtown, to the City, and to the region. These changes create “Bike Plus” lanes, safer pedestrian crossings, increased loading zones, and other important changes in the heart of downtown. These changes allow more room for people biking, ebiking, wheel-chair-using, and walking in downtown while maintaining appropriate throughput for cars. This plan is backed by public feedback and that feedback has been incorporated into the proposed design.

These changes are also part of a larger system of planned changes that will re-connect downtown to surrounding neighborhoods via other “bike plus” lanes and sidewalks, as well as better connect downtown to RADTIP and the future Greenway network. Getting this in place now is important.

You can read more about the project in several places:

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