Pumpkin Pedaller

Get those costumes ready: the 13th Annual Pumpkin Pedaller is coming October 31st, 2020

Asheville on Bikes presents our third Socially Distanced Scavenger Hunt Ride, The Pumpkin Pedaller (COVID-19 Edition) presented by New Belgium Brewing!

Pandemic got you down? Missing group rides? Want to win some bragging rights? We have a fix for all that! A Scavenger Hunt!


This page contains our event rules; pre-registration is required. This event is free but donations are encouraged!

We have refined our format and rules based on what we learned from The Fall Out & Summer Cycle. The course checkpoints and detailed ride instructions will be posted at 9 AM on Saturday, October 31, so that everyone has the same limited amount of time to get rolling!

Pre-Register, Then Join Us:
The Pumpkin Pedaller ‘20 (COVID 19 Edition) presented by New Belgium Brewing
11 am Start

The Rough and Rowdy, Covid Cruiser, and City Centric will all start at 11am
Saturday, October 31; 4 PM ride finish; 6 PM documentation deadline
Socially Distanced Scavenger Hunt Ride

Checkpoint-style ride format

A checkpoint ride format means that riders will start from any location they desire, distributed across the City. All riders will get the checkpoint map at the same time, and all riders will choose their own route to accumulate as many checkpoints as possible in the time limit, as per the event rules. This is different from the AoB rides of the past because it requires most riders to do their own route finding and is not a mass start, group ride.

Some checkpoints are designated “Trick or Treat.” These checkpoints are mandatory and teams can anticipate festive antics at each one.

Teams and or individuals activate their complimentary AoB Ride With GPS Account and roll out to as many checkpoints as possible. At the end of their ride, pics from checkpoints are uploaded to their Ride With GPS route and a link to the published route must be emailed to AoB. Bonus points will be awarded to those who post pics to their social media accounts and tag Asheville on Bikes and hashtag #avlbike. Simply include your social media handles in your end-of-day email.

Your legend awaits!

This free event is open to the public. Pre-registration is required but is free and easy.

This event is scaled to appeal to a variety of riders:

  • Rough & Rowdy – Be prepared for a long day on all kinds of roads and mixed surfaces. In-depth local cycling route knowledge, a sense of adventure, and a well-charged device are requisite. Participants create their own route. You probably won’t even finish. (60+ miles)
  • City Centric – Be prepared for a ride throughout the city highlighting mainstays and unique nooks and crannies of our community. This option was created in the likeness of our community ride series. It’s fun and lighted with an interesting twist and turn or two or three. Participants create their own route. (10 – 20 – 30+ miles)
  • The Cruisers – Chill, flat ride mostly along the French Broad River. If you’re just getting back on a bike or looking for a relaxing pedal, this option is for you. Cruisers will receive a route map via our Ride With GPS Membership Account.

This is a ride-at-your-own-risk event. All participants need to recognize that Asheville lacks connected dedicated bicycle facilities and participants will be riding on our City’s roads, in traffic. This event is unlike other AoB rides in that we are not providing route finding signage, pedal patrol, or any on-route support.

What: The Pumpkin Pedaller, presented by New Belgium Brewing, COVID-19 Edition: Scavenger Hunt
What do I need to participate?:

  • Pre-Register here
  • Bicycle in safe, working order
  • Helmet required
  • One team member designated to command the Ride With GPS and photo document arrival at the checkpoints. A well-charged device and battery pack up is encouraged.
  • Social Media Account to post photos of each checkpoint/activity

When: Saturday Oct 31, 11:00 AM – 4 PM for your ride; Documentation deadline 6 PM
Where: In and around Asheville
How do I sign up?

  • Individuals or teams must sign up in advance by filling out the registration form online by 5:00 pm Friday, Oct. 30. When you register, you’ll select your ride option.
  • We strongly encourage participants to make a donation but entry is free.

How it works:

  • Registered participants receive their event package at 9 AM and riding starts 11 AM
  • Teams must stay together and ride as a group, selecting their own course to accumulate points
  • “Trick or Treat” checkpoints are mandatory and designated in orange on the map.
  • There are no pre or post-ride gatherings as part of this event.
  • Pre-registered participants will receive an e-mail on race day morning letting them the Google Map of possible checkpoints

For the Rough and Rowdy participants must collect all mandatory checkpoints. For the Rough and Rowdy and City Centric, participants must start the event from wherever they are located at 11 am on Saturday, Oct. 31. After receiving the list of checkpoints, ride out and collect as many as you can before the afternoon deadline of 4 pm. COVID Cruisers will receive a detailed map on Friday night to assist with route planning and logistics. It’s our way of rolling out the welcome map to you.

Please follow any State or local Coronavirus rules that are in effect at the time of the ride. Masks are currently required indoors in Buncombe County. There are no indoor checkpoints on this ride, but it is a good idea to have a mask with you just in case you need it.

Rules of Play:

  • Limit participation to a maximum of four people/team. Individual riders are welcome, too.
    • Teams must adhere to COVID-19 protocols.
    • Teams are required to ride together but at safe social distances. No divvying up the checkpoints
    • Electric-assist bikes are allowed but you must disclose that your team is using one or more e-bikes in your end of day email; our awards will reflect assisted vs non-assisted rider accomplishments.
    • Designate one member of your team to activate your complimentary AOB Ride With GPS AoB Membership Account, record your route and photo-document checkpoint completion. Strava doesn’t count.
  • Follow the Safe Habits of Riding
  • Prepare yourself and your bike for a robust adventure. We recommend having a water bottle, snacks, and supplies to change a flat tire or deal with a mechanical. We’re your advocates, not your mamma. Be prepared.
  • Photograph yourself with your teammates at checkpoints and post to Instagram and /or Facebook. Posts must be marked public, tagged Asheville on Bikes, hashtagged #avlbike, and provide indisputable evidence that your team has arrived at a checkpoint on the map. Festive and flamboyant photos are encouraged. Please post all photos by 5 pm.
  • When participants are finished or at the afternoon deadline, whichever comes first, one team member must send an email, based on which category you chose, to one of these email addresses:
    • roughandrowdy@ashevilleonbikes.com
    • citycentric@ashevilleonbikes.com
    • cruiser@ashevilleonbikes.com


  • Team Member names
  • E-bike disclosure
  • Link to your finished route on RWGPS, marked public
  • Link to your social media account where you were posting

Costumes are customary! It’s Halloween!

For examples of how a finished RWGPS route looks after a scavenger hunt event, with photos attached, examine the routes turned in by the winners from the September Fall Out event.

2020 Prizes:

Oowee Products is creating a custom Pumpkin Pedaller leather beverage holders and the Runner Box is contributing a collection of Biker Boxes.

Post-ride note about tabulating results:

As you can imagine, tabulating the results will take a bit of time. Please expect an email announcing the winners of each category 1 week after the event. Winners will be posted on the Asheville on Bikes webpage—check out the winners from the Summer Cycle Scavenger Hunt here and get your creative juices flowing!

Past Pumpkin Pedaller Photos

Thank you to all the riders, volunteers, and AoB’s donors and sponsors for 10 great years of Pumpkin Pedaller!

Costumes are encouraged!