Drivers Bicycle Education Program

Six individuals are needed to teach a bicycle and pedestrian module to area high schools. The time commitment would be 1 ½ hours per month. There are 6 high schools in Buncombe County that teach driver’s education to students.  We have the materials and permission to use the bicycle module that was developed by the League of Illinois Bicyclists.  Materials consist of a video, a test and a teacher’s manual.  The names of the driver education instructors for Buncombe County (and the permission to contact them) are available.  Most driver education teachers are glad to have guest speakers.  This is the most direct way we can make a difference by helping to train new drivers in their responsibility in driving safely around bicyclists and pedestrians.   It takes little time but can make a big impact. Depending on school size, classes are often offered several times per year and possibly more often in the summer months. If we get enough volunteer teachers we can have one per school and a few alternates in case someone is not available. Please contact Claudia Nix for details.