I – 26 Connector Public Hearing – Monday, Nov. 16

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On Monday Nov. 16th, North Carolina and the Federal Highway Administration will host a public hearing on the the I-26 Connector at the Renaissance Hotel Grand Ballroom, 31 Woodfin St.

Asheville on Bikes encourages people to participate in the public hearing. The format is set up to be a drop in event to learn and discuss the connector. The public hearing format will be:

4pm – 6:30pm: Pre-Hearing Open House to answer questions and receive comments on the project.

7pm: Formal public hearing

AoB encourages people to RSVP to the public hearing and share the event with your circles.

The I-26 Connector Project, which has been organized by Mountain True, has a page which enables people to post public comment and sign on to the I-26 ConnectUs Vision principles.  The I-26 Connect Us Vision principles is:

To ensure the long-term health and success of the economy, citizens, and environment of Asheville and the surrounding area, the final design and construction of the Asheville I-26 Connector should achieve:

  • safe travel for interstate and local traffic;
  • improved connections between neighborhoods and from neighborhoods to major roads for all modes of local traffic – pedestrian, bike, car and bus;
  • minimal destruction of neighborhoods, homes, and businesses and remediation of past highway project impacts on minority and low-wealth communities;
  • maximum return of land to Asheville’s tax base for the City’s use and benefit;
  • minimal harm to air and water quality; and
  • improvements that match the scale and character of Asheville.

For more reading on issues with the I-26 Connect:

Don Kostelic of Kostelic Planning published an editorial in the Asheville Blade, “Chicken Little’s laboratory”.

Community Pushing Back Against Plan to Widen Interstate Through Asheville,” Streeblog USA.

DOT decisions on I-26 Connector in Asheville loom,” Asheville Citizen Times.


Together We Roll Forward


Mike Sule Strive Not to Drive 2015 by Jake Frankel

We’re winning!

On behalf of Asheville on Bikes, I’m excited to announce that the proposed legislation designed to curtail the expansion of bike lanes and sidewalks has been struck from HB44 and will not become law!

This summer AoB encouraged the community to contact their representatives and oppose section 7 of HB44. And the community overwhelmingly responded to the call to action.  We acted, and our representatives responded to our collective voice.

Thank you all for your participation. Together we roll forward and expand access to safe and complete streets.

I would like to publicly thank Representative Chuck McGrady, The Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce, New Belgium Brewing CompanyPeople for Bikes, Bike / Walk NC and the Blue Ridge Bicycle Club. Each of them worked diligently to keep this provision from passing. Our success depends on partnerships, and I appreciate their active involvement in this campaign.

We’ve all worked hard over the last few month to ensure our streets continue to work for all people, moving by many modes. Today’s success calls for a celebration. Please join AoB at Catawba Brewing Company’s Rick Room on the South Slope on Thursday, Sept. 24 for Beers for Gears. At 8 pm, we’ll have a toast to celebrate our recent success. Together we roll forward.


Mike Sule

Director of Asheville on Bikes




Volunteer in AVL’s Annual Bike / Ped Counts

We count.

We count.

We need you to get out there and count the pedestrians and cyclist in our city the week of Sept. 14th. Let’s continue to inform transportation policy with data. Currently, NCDOT does not conduct bike / ped counts as part of their design phase. It’s up to us to provide those numbers. And without you out there counting, we won’t have the data we need to expand active transportation.

Register for the annual here.

Bike counts will be conducted on Tuesday through Saturday morning beginning on Sept. 15th.

Volunteer training sessions will be held at UNCA on the following days and times:
9/10 noon — Sherrill Center, room 402
9/10 5pm — Sherrill Center, room 402
9/14 noon — Sherrill Center, NCCHW conference room (in the NCCHW office area, not the classroom/arena side)
9/14 5pm — Sherrill Center, room 407

Be sure to post the AVL Bike / Ped Invite on your facebook page and share with friends.

AoB hosts Get There Asheville // Oct. 22 at Clingman Cafe

GetTherePosterDuring each election cycle, Asheville on Bikes (AoB) hosts two candidate forums focused on the issues of Asheville’s transportation systems and needs.

AoB’s second candidate forum, held prior to the general election, is called Get There AVL. It will be hosted by New Mountain in downtown Asheville. The event is scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 22nd from 6:30 to 9pm, so please save the date.

Read Their Take on Transportation

All current Asheville city council candidates have received an invitation and questionnaire from AoB. Candidate responses will be posted to AoB’s website in the order they are received. Each candidate was asked: 

  1. Tell us something about your transportation habits. How do you get around Asheville?
  2. What do you consider to be the most significant transportation advancement in Asheville and what impact does it have on our community?
  3. Please identify one way in which you’ve worked to make Asheville safer for pedestrians, transit users, and / or cyclists. What did you learn from this experience?
  4. What do you consider to be Asheville’s primary transportation challenge and how do you propose to fix it?

Click Below for Candidates’ Responses to AoB’s Forum Questionnaire:

Richard Liston>>

Carl Mumpower>>

Corey Atkins>>

Julie Mayfield >>

Dee Williams >>

LaVonda Payne>>

Joe Grady>>

Ken Michalove>>

Brian Haynes>>

Rich Lee>>

Grant Millin>>

Lindsey Simerly>>

John Miall>>

Marc Hunt>>

Keith Young>>


Step Right Up Facebook Event Page 

AoB’s second candidate forum, held prior to the general election, is called Get There AVL. It will be hosted by New Mountain in downtown Asheville. The event is scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 22nd from 6:30 to 9pm, so please save the date.



Get There AVL Facebook Event Page 

Last Chance to Save the State of Bike Lanes

NC Senate and House Conferees are very close to a compromise on House Bill 44. The current bill STILL contains the bike lane prohibition under certain conditions.  This provision needs to be entirely removed.

While a compromise may lessen the negative impact, it still is a barrier and flies in the face of our state’s Complete Streets policy.

Our friends at Bike Walk NC have a full write-up on the state of the bill and provide contact info for Conferees. Please act today to send an email urging them to remove this provision.  Start with the Senate (Wade, Brock, Alexander,…Brown, Harrington) and then the rest and the House if you have time.

This bill could come up at any minute, so please DO NOT DELAY.


Protected Bike Lane in the RAD

On July, 28th City Council meeting, city leaders approved funding changes to the street design of the River Arts District Transportation Improvement Plan (RAD TIP) to incorporate a separated, two-way cycletrack for portions of Riverside Drive and Lyman Street.

This is a great step for the city and AoB is happy to share that we influenced this change. Back in October 2014, AoB met with various Council Members to make the case for why these changes should happen. We presented the concept to New Belgium and perhaps not surprisingly, they supported it too. So what did we recommend? This is the basic idea:

AoB's design for protected bike lane.

AoB’s design for protected bike lane.

For additional information about protected bike lanes and their impact, our good friends at People for Bikes produced a short video that explains protected bike lanes.

As the community supports AoB, we’re better equipped to advocate successfully for advancing our city’s active transportation infrastructure. Thank you for your support. AoB members, you’re the ones making these changes happen. Thank you; together we roll forward.