Bicycle Friendly Business Breakdown – Help Sessions

Attendees at a Bike Friendly Business Breakdown meeting

Want help? Come to our Bicycle Friendly Breakdown sessions!

Asheville on Bikes runs a series of help sessions for businesses who want help navigating the application process necessary to apply for a Bicycle Friendly Business Award. These sessions are free, they are casual, and they can help you succeed with your application.

Our sessions last an hour each and run May – October. We help you to fill out and submit your application to the League of American Bicyclists in order to be considered for a Bicycle Friendly Business award. The award levels are bronze, silver, gold, and platinum.

Interested? Please fill out this form and plan on attending our next session. We will send you the exact schedule after receiving your form.

Why your application matters.

The League of American Bicyclists has designed an application process that will make you think about your place in this world. Our participants have almost all commented on this part of the process, often commenting on how the act of applying left them running a stronger business.

Applying for our Bicycle Friendly Status was a great decision. It forced us to take a hard look at how we cared for our employees. We rent our office and could make only limited physical changes to our space, but we found out right away that we lacked many basic policies that could make it easier to get to work without using a car. I’d do it again and I’m already thinking of what we can do better next time! – Clark Mackey, co-owner, CAKE Websites and More.

These awards also fit in with Asheville’s move to have safer streets, diversify mode share, and support bicycling and multi-modal commuters. Asheville is itself a bronze-level Bicycle Friendly City, as graded by the League. Your application may even help the City level up.

By applying, you are taking a look at how you fit in to the puzzle that is our great City and region, and you are listing the ways that you are working to make a difference, one bike rack and one employee handbook change at a time.

Removing road blocks so that you win an award

By sharing our experiences, sharing past applications and policies, and providing a gentle accountability structure, Asheville on Bikes can help you to win Bicycle Friendly Business status. You don’t have to go it alone.

What you get from our Bicycle Friendly Breakdown sessions:

  1. A killer swipe file. Come see some employee policies that are bicycle friendly. Read other applications before you write yours.
  2. Direct guidance from current award winners. Why wing it when someone who’s been there can look over your shoulder?
  3. Insights from our advocacy work. We’ve been to the League of American Bicyclists conferences and we regularly work with the City of Asheville as advocates.
  4. Refreshments and a calm environment away from your office.
  5. If selected for an award, you’ll be listed on the Asheville on Bikes website and included in a press release about Asheville’s newest award winners who participated in our help sessions.

Would you like to join the list of Bicycle friendly businesses? Asheville on Bikes can help you.

Please fill out this form and plan on attending our next session. Our sessions run from May – October and we will send you the exact schedule after receiving your form.

Each year we also brag about the businesses who win these awards and issue a press release that promotes the group of winners. We want your name to get out there.

Let us know that you are interested – that’s your first step, not counting the time it took to read this page!

Bicycle Friendly Business Breakdown session
AoB’s workshop sessions for businesses interested in winning a Bicycle Friendly Business award.