Provide RADTIP Input, Prioritize Protected Bicycle Facilities


Head’s up: AoB needs you to fill out the City of Asheville’s survey. They are gathering opinions about 3 possible options for the RADTIP bike lane. It’s important that you respond.  The city is accepting your input through Open City Hall  through Aug. 7th.

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The city of Asheville has identified three concept options for public comment.  Concept 1 and 3 include protected bicycle facilities. Concept 2 does not. Please share in your public comment that Concept 2 is unsatisfactory because traditional bike lanes are inadequate for Lyman St and the River Arts District.

Concept 2 is bad.
Concept 2 is bad.

Concept 2 – Includes traditional bike facilities which are not appropriate for Lynam St and RAD

Concept 1 and 3 are prefered but each has particular set of concerns. Concept 1 includes a dedicated two-way cycletrack which separates motor vehicles and bicycles. This design is the original design AoB fought to include in the RADTIP several years ago, and it is also the one the City has “paused” because of the RADTIP funding problem.. There is no guarantee that the city can or will secure the additional funds to complete the protected facilities.

Concept 1 is what they have delayed; it was to be Asheville's first protected bike lane.
Concept 1 is what they have delayed; it was to be Asheville’s first protected bike lane.

Concept 1 – Includes two-way protected cycle track but funding is unsecured.

Concept 3 includes a 12’-16’ greenway which is designed to accommodate bicycles and pedestrians and would be built during the first phase of construction. The challenge of this design are the costs. The city anticipates that a 12’-16 wide greenway would cost between 2 and 2.5 million dollars. This cost would likely have an impact on other active transportation facilities.

Concept 3 is a widened multi-use path. We want this if there can be no protected bike lane.
Concept 3 is a widened multi-use path. We want this if there can be no protected bike lane.

Concept 3 – Includes 12’-16’ greenway wide enough to accommodate bicyclists and pedestrians but would cost 2 – 2.5 million dollars.

Asheville on Bikes asks that you respond to public input via Open City Hall and share:

  1. Concept 2: Traditional bike lanes are not appropriate for Lyman St and RADTIP. Research shows that bike lanes are not recommended when vehicle speeds exceed 25 mph.
  2. Concept 1: This approach is acceptable if city council votes in August to elevate the buildout of Lyman St to the highest priority as the next project to be done. The risk is that if only a 10’ greenway is constructed, the greenway will be will not be able to safely accommodate the anticipated numbers of users. Funding the two-way cycletrack must be of the highest priority.
  3. Concept 3: If the city is not able to prioritize funding of Concept 1’s two-way protected cycletrack, then Concept 3 should be selected as its design provides adequate capacity and safety for bicyclists and pedestrians.

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