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Be the Change in the Next 8 Hours

Asheville on Bikes knows no dream is too big. Our accomplishments speak for themselves. Will you support our shared goals with a tax-deductible donation in the final 8 hours of 2014?

We work for you every single hour of the year. (There are 8, 760 of those.) How about helping us in your final 8 of 2014?

We work in the following ways:

Equality → Legal: Federal, state and local, highway/traffic codes, legislation [that treat cyclists as full and equal drivers of vehicles] and policies, covering: uniformity, access, movements, and equipment. We actively work with professionals and entities responsible for our transportation system.

Education → Schools and Bicycling Skills: Traffic skills education for the public, transportation professionals, law enforcers, and legislators. We teach kids and adults to ride safely, and we work with various entities to include multi-modal education in existing programs.

Engineering → Transportation: highway and bikeways development, including: designs, controls, construction, and maintenance, including funding sources. We advise, work alongside design professionals, and provide feedback for existing measures.

Enforcement → Police and Courts: Equitable treatment of cyclists through citations, trials and diversions. We mobilize resources and assistance as needed. We ride with officers and work together to create understanding.

Encouragement → Public and private efforts: advertising campaigns, promotions, and outreach. Yep; we do that too.

Evaluation → Public agencies: Measurement of the effects of the other 5 E’s to inform our efforts. Because it makes sense.

Here is the link. Start your 2015 out right – click now!