Protected Bike Lane in the RAD

On July, 28th City Council meeting, city leaders approved funding changes to the street design of the River Arts District Transportation Improvement Plan (RAD TIP) to incorporate a separated, two-way cycletrack for portions of Riverside Drive and Lyman Street.

This is a great step for the city and AoB is happy to share that we influenced this change. Back in October 2014, AoB met with various Council Members to make the case for why these changes should happen. We presented the concept to New Belgium and perhaps not surprisingly, they supported it too. So what did we recommend? This is the basic idea:

AoB's design for protected bike lane.
AoB’s design for protected bike lane.

For additional information about protected bike lanes and their impact, our good friends at People for Bikes produced a short video that explains protected bike lanes.

As the community supports AoB, we’re better equipped to advocate successfully for advancing our city’s active transportation infrastructure. Thank you for your support. AoB members, you’re the ones making these changes happen. Thank you; together we roll forward.