Asheville On Bikes

Thanks to all who made the summer cycle such a wonderful event.

Last Saturday, over 50 of you helped make The Summer Cycle one of our most successful rides yet.

Thank you for coming out, supporting Asheville’s businesses, meeting and greeting city council candidates, promoting urban cycling culture, and for enjoying the coming of summer with us. Highlights from our wonderful rolling social engagement include: Clingman Cafe, the pedestrian bridge, neighborhood touring, the cemetery, SORBA’s work at Richmond Hill, and the Wedge. Indeed, when we invest this energy into to political process this election cycle, we are planting seeds that will bare our city sustainable transportation options.

We would like to acknowledge ProBikes, BioWheels, Youngblood Cycles, Liberty Bikes, and Carolina Fatz for continually supporting us.
Also, cheers toPro Bikes, BioWheels, and Youngblood’s for supplying us with prizes, patch kits, and tubes.
What would AoB be without local bicycle shops?

Asheville on Bikes is maturing and with that we have more invested individuals.
The most important reason The Summer Cycle was so fabulous was because of investment from our community.
Many thanks to Trip(Clingman), Tim (the Wedge), Phil, Gabriel, Mack, Traci, Jenn, Zack, Amy, Erica, Steven, and Ron Reeser.
Immense Gratitude from AoB- muchas gracias.

Thank you all for playing a part in exercising multimodal transportation in our city.
We look forward to riding with you again in the fall.
Ride Your City this Summer!

View pictures from the event (click here)!

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