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Membership gives us visibility and the power to move cycling forward. Here’s just some of what your membership dollars support:

  • After School Bike Club, part of the In Real Life program, at Asheville Middle School educates students on safe urban cycling.
  • Bicycle Rights Night educates and empowers local cyclists.
  • Bike Corrals provide free, secure bike parking at area events, encouraging people to ride rather than drive. Our corral volunteers parked over 2300 bikes in 2013!
  • Community Rides—Bike of the Irish, Bright Light Biker, Summer Cycle, and the Pumpkin Pedaller—welcome cyclists of all ages and capabilities. More than 800 people rode their city with us in 2013!
  • Clips Beer & Film Festival brings free, bike-friendly fun to town every year, in partnership with New Belgium Brewery, nationally recognized for their support of cycling and multimodal transportation.
  • Urban Planning. AoB takes an active role in urban planning, ensuring that cyclists’ needs are known and our voices are heard. We actively participated in the development and implementation of Asheville’s Comprehensive Bike Plan, and have helped fund the purchase of property to expand Asheville’s growing greenway infrastructure. We are your voice in City Council, in Raleigh, and beyond.

Membership Benefits

  • Be heard. When you become a member, our power to affect policy grows. Official membership is how nonprofits flex their muscles.
  • Get the 411. Be the first to know about important developments affecting urban cycling in and around Asheville.
  • Mingle with folks as cool as you are. Join us at special members-only events throughout the year.
  • Fly your flag. Display your official member spoke card with pride as you Ride Your City!
  • Show your love. The bicycle heart sticker has become an Asheville icon—when people spot yours, they know where you stand.
  • Save your clams. Get a discount on AoB merchandise like t-shirts, hoodies, and socks wherever they’re sold.
  • High-five yourself. By becoming a member, you’re supporting a vitally important step in the growth of AoB and the advancement of urban cycling in our area. Aren’t you so rad?

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