Asheville On Bikes

City of Asheville Bicycle Improvements and Accomplishments 2009

The City of Asheville has been moving ahead on the Comprehensive Bicycle Plan.  We asked Barb Mee, the Bike Coordinator for the City, to fill us in on all the accomplishments for the past 2 years.  It is exciting to see the progress being made and good to pause to celebrate a job well done!

2009 Accomplishments

1. Designated federal ARRA funds to put bike lanes on:

a. Coxe Ave from Patton to Southside (and repaving)

b. Asheland Ave from Patton to Southside

c. Hilliard from Clingman to Biltmore

d. MLK, Jr. Ave from College to S. Charlotte

e. climbing lane on Kimberly from north of Edwin to Gracelyn (and repaving)

(NOTE: Please see the Comprehensive Bicycle Plan Tracker for details on the timelines for these projects.)

2. Completed climbing lane on Lexington Avenue.

3. Installed bike lockers in each city-owned parking garage (Rankin, Civic Center and Wall Street), and in the Rankin Arcade, which connects Haywood Street and the Rankin garage. (contact City of Asheville Parking Services at 259-5792 to rent one)

4. Created plan to improve safety conditions for bicyclists crossing the railroad tracks on Riverside Drive.

5. City partnered with Evergreen Community Charter School to apply for a Safe Routes to School grant, but did not get it.

6. Included bike plan recommendations in proposed revisions to the city’s standard specifications and details manual.

7. Continued to install bike racks on the sidewalk in CBD and West Asheville’s CBD (as requested – email to request one).

8. Encouraged the YWCA to establish their Y-commute program, their discounted membership that allows active commuters to have a place to shower before work (contact the YWCA for details).

2008 Accomplishments (Highlights)

  1. Adopted the Comprehensive Bicycle Plan!!!!
  2. Completed sharrows on South French Broad Avenue.
  3. Hired a Pedestrian and Bike Coordinator, Barb Mee.
  4. Applied for and received a Safe Routes for Schools grant for Emma Elementary.
  5. Updated the existing Asheville Bicycle Map to show residents and visitors preferred routes for bicycling.
  6. Installed loop detector symbols (Dec 2008) at five city intersections to help cyclists position their bike to activate the traffic signal detector.