Asheville On Bikes

New Year, Higher Gear, Time to Volunteer


Last year was an interesting time to be on a bicycle in Asheville. While we enhanced the quality of Asheville’s infrastructure, we faced challenges and threats along the way. The egregious acts of Charles Diez and the leniency of the court during his sentencing left some in our community bewildered, others frustrated and most skeptical of Asheville’s commitment to ensuring a culture of respect and safety for all modes of transportation. If 2009 highlighted the challenges associated with changing the culture of our city’s streets, let 2010 highlight the solutions.

Throughout 2010 your city’s bicycle movement needs your volunteer time. There are several programs underway which serve to elevate the culture and safety of our city roads. Since we all have a stake in safe and respectful bicycle travel, let us all lend some time to advance the cause.   Each one of you plays a powerful role in advancing our city’s acceptance of the bicycle. Here is what you can do:

New Drivers’ Bicycle Education Program

Teach the upcoming generation of drivers what they need to know in order to ensure safe travel for all modes of transportation. There are six schools in Buncombe County that teach Driver’s Education. We need volunteers to attend classes as guest speakers and address the issues of safety concerning bicycles, pedestrians and motorists. Teaching materials, developed by the League of Illinois Bicyclists, will be provided to volunteers. Your volunteer hours will inspire young drivers to be safe and respectful drivers. Contact Claudia Nix at or AoB’s website for more details.

Smart Cycling for Owen Middle School Students

Volunteer to teach “Smart Cycling”, a bicycle curriculum developed by the League of American Bicyclists and hosted by Healthy Buncombe. “Smart Cycling” teaches adolescents how to ride the road safely and with confidence. This program is important because not only does it teach riding skills, it introduces bicycling to first time riders. If you love bicycling and have never experienced watching a child learn to ride, this volunteer opportunity is a must for you. If you know this joy, why miss an opportunity to experience it again. Contact Claudia Nix at or AoB’s website for more details.

Erwin Middle School Bicycle Club

As the Erwin Middle School Bicycle Club continues to expand, they need volunteers for a couple of tasks. They need bicycle chaperones who are able to teach safe bicycling skills on trips and they need volunteers who are able to tow and haul bicycles and bicycle trailers. This is another great youth bicycle program sponsored by Healthy Buncombe. Lend a hand and a lift to the next generation of Asheville’s bicyclists. Contact Traci Malone at or 828- 231- 0470 or AoB’s website for more information.

Healthy Buncombe’s Bicycle Rodeos

This is another opportunity to inspire young bicyclists and teach them the skills necessary to ride the city. Once again, Healthy Buncombe provides you with the opportunity to teach the next generation of Asheville’s cyclists. The Bicycle Rodeo facilitator training is scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 13th at 1pm. The First Baptist Church on Merrimon hosts the training. Please contact Claudia Nix at or AoB’s website for more details.

More Bicycle Parking throughout Downtown’s Public Property

Help select the best places for bicycle parking in downtown. Where do we need more bicycle racks and bicycle lockers? Help the city answer that question. Help document where our city needs more bicycle parking and share your findings. Contact Claudia Nix at claudianix@libertybikes.comd or AoB’s website for more information.

Rent a Bicycle Locker

The best way to make change is to be change. Ride your bike into the city and park your bicycle at one of the city’s bicycle lockers. Bicycle lockers ensure safety and are inexpensive to rent, only $10 / month. Contact City Hall for more information.

Bike Love 10′

Asheville on Bikes, Arts 2 People and the French Broad Brewery host the 4th annual Bike Love on Feb. 20th at Dr. Neon’s Castle  in the River Arts District. AoB needs several volunteers for a wide variety of tasks. This year AoB is raising money to purchase six collapsible bicycle stands in order to expand our bicycle corral. Sign up to volunteer at AoB’s website or send Rachel Reeser an email at

On behalf of Asheville on Bikes, I thank each of you for your continued support and willingness to volunteer in order to establish Asheville as a bicycle hub. Together we ride the city, invest in the city and change the city.

Happy New Year

Mike Sule

Founder and Executive Director

Asheville on Bikes