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Come Ride the Rumbles!

Want to make streets better for bicyclists? Come ride the rumbles with North Carolina State’s Institute for Transportation Research and Education! Test sessions beginning next week will help determine optimal gap-spacing for rumble strips used by bicyclists traveling downhill in Almond, NC (about an hour from Asheville). Grab a friend, RSVP with Sarah, and post your guinea pig pics on AoB’s Facebook page.

We are seeking volunteer bicyclists for a research project this March!   The Institute for Transportation Research and Education is conducting a study to evaluate how variations in gaps between rumble strips affect a bicyclist’s ability to cross them when riding on roads with steep downhill grades.

If you participate in this study, you will help us test different options for gap-spacing between *rumble strips by riding your bicycle through a designated test area in the mountains of western North Carolina near Almond, NC.  Bicycling on downgrades of 4-8% at higher than average bicycle speeds will occur during the test scenarios.

We are holding several 4-hour study sessions in March 2014 near Almond, NC.  To check available dates, or to learn more about the study, contact Sarah O’Brien at or 919-515-8703.

Volunteers must meet the following eligibility criteria to participate:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Have a properly fitted helmet
  • Be able to bring to a bicycle in good working condition to the test area
  • Be in good physical health
  • Not be pregnant
  • Be capable of safely bicycling above 20 mph

All participants will be asked to:

  • Answer basic questions regarding yourself and your bicycling habits;
  • Ride at higher than average bicycle speeds on downgrades of 4-8%;
  • Give feedback after each test run; and
  • Be available for a 4-hour period on the study date.

*Rumble strips are a type of pavement treatment used to alert motorists of potential danger through vibrations and noise when a vehicle drives over them.  They are often used along a road’s edge to prevent run-off-the-road crashes.  Rumble strips can cause a safety concern for bicyclists attempting to cross them as doing so may cause discomfort or increase the possibility of falling or losing control of the bicycle.  This is particularly true for cyclists who may be traveling downhill at higher than normal speeds.