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What do you think? Could this be the new hip way to roll around town? Unfortunately unless you have been to Scandinavia recently you may have never heard of this fantastic piece of bike tech. From their website:

” Hövding is a collar for bicyclists, worn around the neck. The collar contains a folded up airbag that you’ll only see if you happen to have an accident. The airbag is shaped like a hood, surrounding and protecting the bicyclist’s head. The trigger mechanism is controlled by sensors which pick up the abnormal movements of a bicyclist in an accident.”

Follow the link for more detailed explanation of the intriguing piece of safety gear. I think it’s pretty cool. has a great review section for all the new lights available for your illumination needs.  Autumn is swiftly approaching and as the days get shorter we loose our extra daytime- funtime, but they will also get cooler and then we all have nice and cool fall rides to look forward to(like the Pumpkin Pedaller)! So for those of you in need of a new light check these nifty new designs. Follow another link down the internet rabbit hole, towards some rad bike lights.

Ride safe and ride often.