Marc Hunt and Mike Sule tour the new RADTIP bike connections

Celebrate with us as we showcase Asheville’s first protected bike lane and 5 miles of bicycle connectivity through the RADTIP! Have you ridden from the Amboy Bridge through to the RADTIP greenway yet? Go check it out!

Ride along the Hominy Creek Greenway connection to the RADTIP, with Marc Hunt and Mike Sule.

Some of the advocacy work that went into this project started 10 years ago! Here are a few of the highlights as the project played out:

Successful projects take time and diligent oversight. When you support Asheville on Bikes, you’re investing in the next transportation facility and helping us to advocate for the next 5 miles.

Thank you to all who worked hard to get this project built, including City Staff, City Council, RAD business owners, Connect Buncombe, Riverlink, and the many volunteers working in support of the project. It is a pleasure to ride along the river and we look forward to many more miles of protected bike lanes and greenways in our future!