Fall Out 2020 Event Day Instructions

Good morning!  9/26/2020 09:00 AM

Event Day Info Packet and Checkpoint Maps

This page is the official 9 AM information drop, your packet for the Fall Out 2020! Below are the links to the checkpoint maps for each of The Fall Out adventures. Grab your map and start your mind spinning!

Checkpoint Maps:

  1. Rough & Rowdy 
  2. City Centric
  3. Cruiser

PDF version of the above linked maps and check point lists.

PDF version of this page, the day-of packet.

PDF version of the event rules page, as previously published.

What you must do:

  1. Ride your own route to collect checkpoints and bonus points
  2. Follow the event rules. Teams must stay together during the ride.
  3. Document your ride with RWGPS and photos, using a cell phone
  4. Submit your documentation via an email, before the submission deadline
  5. Have fun!

Capture as many checkpoints as you can by 3pm and submit your route w/ pictures to AoB via the email that corresponds to your adventure type.

Deadline for riding this event: 3 PM
Deadline for submitting your route and images: 4pm

Your end of day team email should include:

  1. Your Team Name
  2. List of team member names
  3. Disclose if you or your team used an ebike.
  4. Link to the social media account used to document your team adventure.
  5. Link to your team’s Ride With GPS (RWGPS) route w/ embedded pictures. Make it public.

Send your email to the appropriate email address for the map you used:



  1. Consider printing a copy of the map and / or making a list of the checkpoints because internet connectivity could be compromised by your location on the route and it’s cumbersome to switch between Ride With GPS (RWGPS) and Google Maps. A hard copy of the checkpoints is the way to go. 
  2. Ride with a charged device to record your Ride With GPS route. An auxiliary charging source is a good idea.
  3. Designate one person on your team to command Ride With GPS and take your checkpoint pics with his/her/their phone so that the pic files upload to the RWGPS route. When riding with RWGPS charting your course, any picture you take with your phone’s camera will be appended to your ride. You will see the list of photos at the end when you click “finish ride” in RWGPS and, at that moment, you do want all your photos from the day to be included on your route! During the event, all you must do with RWGPS is track your ride (leave RWGPS running until the end) while switching to the camera to take pictures as needed. If you use one phone for RWGPS and social sharing, you will end up with your pics correctly appended to your route and shared on social media.
  4. Also share your photos to Instagram and Facebook. Tag Asheville on Bikes in all pics and hashtag #avlbike. Note that if you take pics and share on social by using a 2nd phone, other than the RWGPS phone (as will be tempting if you designate a 2nd team member to handle the social sharing duties), you won’t have pictures associated with the RWGPS route when you finish.
  5. Take pictures with the bike fairies you encounter on your adventure, post pics to social media, and tag Asheville on Bikes  for bonus points. 1 point / fairy / team.
  6.  Earn bonus points by capturing pics of the following and posting them to your social media platform. Tag Asheville on Bikes and hashtag #avlbike for each pic. One submission / bonus point.
  7. Ride with front and rear lights and adhere to safe riding habits.

Bonus Points

In addition to finding each checkpoint, there are bonus points available during the ride. To claim the bonuses, take a photo that proves you have found any of these items, from the list for the ride you have chosen.

Rough & Rowdy Bonus Points Available:

  • 3 little pigs on Sunset
  • An i9 product
  • A pic of jewel weed
  • The bike tree on Waynesville Ave
  • A representation of transportation in public art
  • A pic of a Fall Out competitor
  • A camper van
  • A Bicycle Friendly Business designated by the League of American Bicyclists.
  • A photo of your team under a bridge

City Centric Bonus Points Available:

  • A JAG house under construction
  • The bike tree on Waynesville Ave
  • A Mosaic home / property  for sale sign
  • A cyclist riding w/ a child
  • A representation of a woman in public art
  • A bicycle box at an intersection
  • An illegally parked car
  • A pic of a Fall Out competitor
  • A Bicycle Friendly Business designated by the League of American Bicyclists.

Cruiser Bonus Points Available:

  • A photo of your team under a bridge
  • A happy dog on a leash
  • A cyclist in a blue helmet
  • Metal public art
  • A cyclist riding with a child
  • A pic of a Fall Out competitor
  • A metal bird
  • A personal flotation device
  • A Bicycle Friendly Business designated by the League of American Bicyclists.

What you can win from today’s event:

Thank you for participating. 

Asheville on Bikes is in it to win it and it is our pleasure to put our organization to work for some fun and adventure! When you show, we grow, whether it’s chasing checkpoints, hounding City staff about a road diet, or taking public positions on road projects that can be built differently to make all your rides safer.

Coming up this fall: