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2020 Summer Cycle Scavenger Hunt Winners

Thank you to all who participated in last weekend’s Summer Cycle Scavenger Hunt! We had a blast and will likely keep tweaking the scavenger hunt format for future rides during the pandemic.

Special thanks to our wonderful sponsors who make our events possible:


Check out the photos posted from the event:

Rough & Rowdy:

Most Checkpoints & Elevation

Team Name: “The Team that may Never be Named”
Team Members: Karen & Erik Ostergaard
76.88 miles, 6,388ft in 4 hrs and 43 min

Rough and Rowdy Honorable Mention:

Most Checkpoints & Elevation
Team Name: “Austin Walker”
Team Members: Austin Walker
68.1 miles, 5,452ft in 4 hrs and 12 min

City Centric:

Most Checkpoints & Elevation

Team Name: “Team Carl Spackler”
Team Members: Leigh Bost, Jay Hallinan, and Connor Hallinan
19.5 miles, 1,288ft in 2 hrs & 7min

Best Presentation of Route & Checkpoints:

Team Name: “The Bonklins”
Team Members: Michelle Conklin and family
7 miles, 409ft in 53min

Best Photograph

Team Name: “City Slickers”
Team Members: Kai Leroy & Gus Walker

Covid Cruisers:

No submissions for this category

Best Costumes:

Team Name: “EbikersNC”
Team Members: Nancy Fitzpatrick

Honorable Mention, Best Team Name:

“Why Can’t These Things Start at Noon?”