Asheville On Bikes

Clips is here!

A fundraisin’ good time is upon us again! New Belgium cruiser bike 2013

Join us this Friday, September 6, on the green at Pack Square Park for an evening of handmade film, innovative beer, fun, games, and the stellar good company of your bike-riding Asheville friends.

Not sure how to Clips? Follow these ten easy steps to ensure an evening of adventure, pleasure, and intrigue:

  1. Around 7pm, arrive at Pack Square Park by bike. Park your bike in the AoB Bike Corral (*new location this year: in the turnaround directly in front of City Hall), already feeling like a rock star. High-five a random person.
  2. If you’re of the beer-drinking age and persuasion, present your ID; get wristband and beer tokens.
  3. Present tokens to beer tenders in the tents, or hail a lovely beer gypsy and select some brews. (Repeat step #3 as often as you responsibly can throughout the evening.)
  4. Buy a raffle ticket or ten. Picture yourself pedalling away on that sweet cruiser there in the photo. (You look good!)
  5. Visit the fun & games area. Get edumacated in the Beer School, try your taste buds at the Mystery Beer Taste Test, or sample some other diversions.
  6. Remember #3, right? Just checking….
  7. Check out the merch area. Try to decide between a sweet Asheville On Bikes t-shirt and a sweet New Belgium t-shirt. Admit defeat and buy one of each (plus one for your mom, one for your cousin Larry, and two for that cute beer gypsy you were just talking to).
  8. Find a comfy spot on the green. Enjoy the last few late-summer fireflies, then take in some fantastic short films.
  9. Deliberate long and hard. Finally decide on your favorite Lips of Faith brew, and savor just another taste of it.
  10. Collect your bike from the bike corral, tossing a buck into the donation jar as you pass. Revel in the simple joys of a starlit ride home, the music of katydids, and the warm feeling that every dollar you spent tonight benefited Asheville On Bikes. You rock so hard.
Not enough for you, thrill seeker? Want to squeeze even more satisfaction out of your night? Email Rachel ( and sign on to be part of the magic. We still need a few good beer tenders–are you volunteer enough to be on the front lines of Clips? You’ll get free food and swag, and you might just walk away from it with a strange compulsion to volunteer for bike-related events. There are worse things.
Double your raffle odds: There are TWO New Belgium cruisers–did you know? We’ll raffle off one on Friday night, but you can get a jump-start the night before. Pack’s Tavern will host a New Belgium tap takeover and raffle on Thursday, September 5. All proceeds benefit AoB.