Help Asheville on Bikes Meet Our 2019 End-of-Year Goals. Donor Will Match Up To $8,000!

As we kick off our holiday fundraising push, an anonymous donor has challenged us with an $8,000 match to be met by Thanksgiving! Donate to Asheville on Bikes before Thanksgiving, and if we raise $8,000 or more, our donor has pledged to donate an additional $8,000. Together we roll forward! You can make a donation here.

That means we have just two and a half weeks to raise $8,000 to take full advantage of their generous offer.

To continue our advocacy work, our goal is to reach $60,000 in donations by the end of the year—and we can’t do it without you. Donations from community businesses and bike-loving citizens directly benefit our work to improve infrastructure in our beloved mountain town.

So, as you prepare to make your end-of-year donations, or if you are looking for a sweet party with like-minded folks, please consider donating directly via our website or attending our annual Button Up for Bikes event on December 5th.

But wait, there’s more! For donors who give at $200 and above, we’ve arranged with Kitsbow for some unique donor benefits:

  • $200 and above: Receive a Kitsbow limited-edition AoB branded t-shirt. Kitsbow prides itself on its “Dirt to Shirt” approach. The cotton is grown and harvested in NC, turned into a shirt, and dyed and manufactured in NC.
  • $500 and above: Receive the Kitsbow limited edition AoB branded t-shirt and VIP tickets to Bike Love.
  • $1,000 and above: In addition, receive a $175 gift card for clothing of your choice from Kitsbow! We have the capacity to put your charitable giving to work to improve the multi-modal nature of our city, and we appreciate your support.

Click here to donate and help us reach our goal!