Pre-order your Pumpkin Pedaller Meal

Got your Pumpkin Pedaller costume ready? The next step is pre-ordering your lunch from Clingman Cafe!

Upon completion of the ride, your pre-ordered soups, salads, and sandwiches await you at Clingman Cafe. When you roll up, lunch is served. Asheville on Bikes receives 10% of the sales.

Families, enjoy comfy seating indoors and covered seating outdoors along with the enthusiastic companionship of other bicycling families. What a way to celebrate the completion of the 2014 Pumpkin Pedaller!

The Mouthwatering Pre-order Menu:

Sneak peek at the Clingman Cafe pre-order menu

Transportation Symposium Wants You

Help Asheville design its future mobility by attending this exciting event. Adults and kids are invited!

“The best way to build a mobility network that gives attention to all forms of transportation is to examine them in a holistic, interconnected way.”

ASHEVILLE – Everyone needs to get around. That’s the simple idea behind Asheville In Motion, an evolving and exciting community-based initiative designed to increase access to all forms of transportation.

On October 25, the public is encouraged to participate in a symposium on Asheville’s transportation future. The event will feature a panel discussion, community exercises and opportunities to let the community know your biggest priorities for mobility in Asheville.

Input and information will become part of the city’s AIM mobility plan, which will meet Asheville’s growth and transportation needs by changing how we think about getting around.

“In the past, we have thought of sidewalks, bicycle infrastructure and streets as being in different silos,” says Transportation Manager Mariate Echeverry. “The best way to build a mobility network that gives attention to all forms of transportation is to examine them in a holistic, interconnected way.”

Better mobility means easier access to jobs, better neighborhood connectivity, a boost to business, and a safe, healthy, sustainable transportation system. Help Asheville take AIM at the future of mobility by attending this exciting event.

The Asheville In Motion symposium will take place Saturday, October 25 in the U.S. Cellular Center Banquet Hall from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Find more information about Asheville In Motion here.

Planning for a bicycle corral during the event is underway. Ride your city!

This press release can be found here.

Pumpkin Pedaller in the Citizen-Times

Great coverage in the Citizen-Times. Have you planned your costume yet? Ready to volunteer?

“Travel in style with the eighth annual Pumpkin Pedaller Nov. 1.

Organized by Asheville on Bikes, the costumed social ride gathers in front of City Hall at 2:30 p.m., and rolls forward at 3 p.m.

The nine-mile ride meanders through North Asheville, climbs Sunset Trail, and circles Montford before culminating at The Wedge Brewing Company’s post-ride celebration. The ride is free and open to the public.

A route map will be available at local bike shops so that participants can preview the ride for the first time.

“The map was inspired by the handbills we printed in the early in days of AoB,” said Asheville on Bikes’ director, Mike Sule, in a press release. “The organization is growing, as we attract new riders, we want them to feel comfortable and welcome. The map is our way of inviting more people to participate while honoring our roots.”

Each year the ride attracts hundreds of costumed cyclists of all kinds.

“The Pumpkin Pedaller is a colorful representation of our diverse cycling community,” said board member and co-creator of the event, Rachel Reeser. “Everyone is represented – commuters, roadies, mountain bikers, hipsters, families and punks. The costumes range from the last-minute to the intricate and outlandish.”

The event features a costume contest, prizes and a culminating party at the Wedge Brewery. Recent transplant, Claude Coleman, Jr. (formerly of Ween) is schedule to play the brewery from 6-8 p.m.

Asheville on Bikes cultivates the culture of commuting and urban cycling within our city through celebration and advocacy, according to the organization. For more information, visit”

Pumpkin Pedaller ’14

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October means only one thing to hundreds of Ashevillians: the return of the Pumpkin Pedaller, a much-loved, much-anticipated annual event organized by Asheville on Bikes.

High-spirited, costumed cyclists will ride this year’s 10-mile route on Saturday, November 1st, beginning at Asheville City Hall and culminating at The Wedge Brewery.

Gather at 2:30 at Asheville City Hall 
Pedal at 3pm about the City
Culminate at 5pm-ish at The Wedge Brewery

Facebook Event Page

Pre-order your Clingman Cafe meal online for a no-fuss, roll-up lunch. AoB gets 10% of proceeds.

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Ready to serve on the Pedal Patrol? Asheville on Bikes is currently seeking volunteers for Pumpkin Pedaller. Simply fill out this form and we’ll get you scheduled.

Pumpkin Pedaller 14 route

Route info






Pumpkin Pedaller '14 Route


Watch the Wonder of On-street Bike Parking

In August, Asheville on Bikes demonstrated for Asheville the wonders of on-street bike parking, which parks 10-15 customers on bikes in the space generally provided for one car.

Big thanks to King Daddy Chicken & Waffle for providing our demo site (and enjoying the boost to business that parking a larger volume of customers provides).

Investing in Biking as Transit

Great read here!

In reference to Brian O’Neill’s Sept. 14 column on biking (“Motorists, Bicyclists Creep Toward Truce on City’s Busy Streets”), I think that the biggest factor that is never discussed in the promotion of biking is locker rooms at places of employment. It’s relatively easy for a politician to get lane closures to create bike lanes, but much, much harder to get employers to invest dollars to create locker rooms where bikers can shower and dress for the workday.

At previous jobs, I’ve seen people bike to work and then go off to the restroom to pseudo-shower with baby wipes to be reasonably nonoffensive to colleagues. That’s just not going to work (pun intended) for the vast majority of people even considering biking to their jobs.

The locker rooms would serve the double purpose of allowing people who want to run at lunchtime a way to get their exercise, so it’s not as if these would be used by only one small group of employees.

So I believe that we’re not really getting serious about biking as a daily alternative to driving until we make it possible to shower and dress afterward — unless we want to make sweaty Spandex equivalent to business casual.

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