Pedallers, it’s time to “Step Up”

Pedallers, it’s time to “Step Up” and ask city council candidates the burning questions you have concerning Asheville’s multimodal transportation networks. “Get There Asheville” puts the community into the saddle by asking you to submit questions to the candidates. Submit questions so that the candidates know that the cycling community is looking for answers.

Save the date for Oct. 14th. The “Step Right Up” is held from 7pm to 9pm at the Asheville Design Center located on 8th College Street.

Step Right Up

“Get There Asheville” believes a robust, multi-modal transit network is essential to Asheville’s environmental, economic and social health.

Get There Asheville’s first event, scheduled for Sept. 17, 7 p.m.-9 p.m. at Clingman Cafe, will allow residents interested in multi-modal transportation to get to know the candidates seeking their votes. Candidates will be given the opportunity to present their transportation platforms in an informal small-group setting. This event has been designed to maximize interactions between candidates and members of the bike, bus and pedestrian community.

Please read the candidates views on multi-modal transportation at

Asheville Bike Count

Sept 8th, 9th, 10th (5-7pm)

Sept 12th (12-2pm)

The Asheville Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force is conducting a bicycle and pedestrian count in and around Asheville this September as part of the National Bicycle and Pedestrian Documentation Project ( One of the challenges facing the bicycle and pedestrian field in promoting the inclusion of sidewalks, bike lanes and greenways as part of larger transportation projects is the lack of documentation on usage and demand. Come out and help the City of Asheville establish baseline data to further enhance promotion and investment in pedestrian and bicycle facilities. Email to sign up for 1 or 4 two hour shifts.

Ride Your City! Ride to the Corral!

Asheville’s Down Town After 5 is the 3rd Friday of each month. You can count on the Bike Corral to be the best spot to secure your bicycle for the evening.

The Bicycle Corral is multimodal transportation infrastructure at a community level. AoB can park about 20 bicycles in a space initially designed for 1 car.

Bike Parking is free but donations are accepted. See below to learn about the recipients for the remaining DTA5 Bicycle Corral proceeds.

We could use some energetic volunteers at the last two DTA5’s. Let us know if you are interested.

September 18th –  Asheville TAASC (The American Adventure Service Corp)

Ride Your City! Ride to the Corral!

Thanks to all who made the summer cycle such a wonderful event.

Last Saturday, over 50 of you helped make The Summer Cycle one of our most successful rides yet.

Thank you for coming out, supporting Asheville’s businesses, meeting and greeting city council candidates, promoting urban cycling culture, and for enjoying the coming of summer with us. Highlights from our wonderful rolling social engagement include: Clingman Cafe, the pedestrian bridge, neighborhood touring, the cemetery, SORBA’s work at Richmond Hill, and the Wedge. Indeed, when we invest this energy into to political process this election cycle, we are planting seeds that will bare our city sustainable transportation options.

We would like to acknowledge ProBikes, BioWheels, Youngblood Cycles, Liberty Bikes, and Carolina Fatz for continually supporting us.
Also, cheers toPro Bikes, BioWheels, and Youngblood’s for supplying us with prizes, patch kits, and tubes.
What would AoB be without local bicycle shops?

Asheville on Bikes is maturing and with that we have more invested individuals.
The most important reason The Summer Cycle was so fabulous was because of investment from our community.
Many thanks to Trip(Clingman), Tim (the Wedge), Phil, Gabriel, Mack, Traci, Jenn, Zack, Amy, Erica, Steven, and Ron Reeser.
Immense Gratitude from AoB- muchas gracias.

Thank you all for playing a part in exercising multimodal transportation in our city.
We look forward to riding with you again in the fall.
Ride Your City this Summer!

View pictures from the event (click here)!

AoB 2 the MPO ASAP

Asheville on Bikes,

Things move quickly in the transportation world, or at least they could, especially if our community invests in multimodal infrastructure. Today is an important day to make an investment in developing city transportation infrastructure that works for all.

AoB just found out that public comment concerning multimodal infrastructure projects closes today at 5pm. Please take a moment to send your support for the following projects.

Feel free to cut and paste AoB’s message to the MPO and e-mail it to

“It’s a positive step when government agencies support advancing multimodal infrastructure. Walking, transit and bicycling improve the health of citizens and the vibrancy of the local economy. I support the following projects:

South Slope Network:

Install a connected network of bike lanes on Coxe, Asheland, Hilliard, and MLK Jr. Blvd.


Coxe Avenue:

Bicycle infrastructure along the entire .6 mile length of Coxe Avenue.”

If you’re able to stop by the public hearing, please do so. Details below:

There will be a public hearing on the draft STP-DA funding list at 12:10 p.m. on Thursday, June 18th, at the FBRMPO Transportation Advisory Committee meeting in the conference room of the Land-of-Sky Regional Council, 339 New Leicester Hwy, Suite 140, Asheville, NC 28806.


Asheville on Bikes